Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful people

There are a few out there that is for sure. I received an anonymous donation of $25 towards the purchase of more yarn for the scarves that I have been making.

If you didn't read the earlier post, as a tool to help myself be less anxious I've learned to crochet and have, through practice, gotten fairly good at at least making scarves. However I had two issues, I was running out of yarn to crochet with, and I was running out of people to make scarves for. So I came up with an idea that benefits me, buy giving me more yarn to keep my anxiety at bay as well as benefits other people in need, because I will  be donating the scarves to local organizations that help others in need.

Needless to say the person who donated the money has a very kind heart and while I know who it is, it is as per their wish that I am keeping their information confidential. I will post my receipts here as well as show the yarn I am able to purchase and the scarves I produce with that yarn. Hopefully this can become something other people are interested in taking part in as well.

Anyhow, I was am excited so I had to at least post something. To that wonderful person, my sincere thanks for not only trusting me to do what I say I will, but seeing the good in the idea/cause. Thank you so much!

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