Sunday, October 3, 2010

I got out last night!

Karl, Chris and I headed up to Chasers to check out the "local" scene. It wasn't too bad, a bit dead... and they had NO good beers... but apparently the Bloody Marys were fabulous, according to the men.

We stayed a couple of hours... I had a soda... didn't spend any money! (Thank you Karl for the soda.) and then we headed out. Now, normally I'd be like ... wait.. wtf... it's barely past midnight... but I was with two OLD guys :p (Just kidding guys! Or am I?)

Anyhow, it was very nice to get out of the house. I managed the trip with very little anxiety and I don't feel like "Lump". Hmmm I haven't done songs of the day in a while. Guess what today's will be. :p

It looks gorgeous if not a little chilly outside, maybe I'll venture out again... oooooh.

P.S. Thanks to the fantastic bartender who insisted on carding me. Makes me feel so young. hehe

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