Friday, November 5, 2010

I think I am too tired to sleep!

Spending 6 hours a day in my new therapy is paying off. My anxiety is greatly reduced. However that is 6 hours I can't nap for and apparently when I get home it takes me too long to get a reasonably times nap. I asked about adding naps into therapy, but they didn't think insurance would go for it. :p

Then again, it's been a roller coaster over the past few days. I went into the ER with some cramping in my "lower right quadrant" causing them to do an U/S and subsequent blood tests. Initially they were worried I was losing the pregnancy and they're still concerned it might be an ectopic... however the lack of cramping at this point seems to make that less of a concern as well. My beta hCG levels have been good and I should have another U/S next week to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, but what a scary thing to go through.

With that said, however, I know without a doubt, despite this being a "surprise" baby, I don't want to lose it. So I am hoping for a smoother ride from here on out. I did crochet 3 scarves over the last 3 days trying to keep my mind of it though, which is great. I am that much closer to having a decent amount to donate. :)

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