Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Group Therapy... eh.

I just don't know what to think of this new therapy program. Yes, it's more intense, but it's always in a group and always feels more stressful. You wait your turn to talk, if you get a chance to talk you have people talking over you... but there has to be some benefit... right?

I am questioning whether to stay in this new more intense therapy or go back to the old one where it was more relaxed and took less than 1/3 the time this one takes per week. Not to mention food and drinks bought at the hospital, holy crap that is getting spendy! Granted I've switched over to just the ice water with the yummy ice for drinking, but lunch is expensive in the cafeteria.

Toss the pregnancy on top of it and I find it almost impossible to stay awake, especially for the 3 hours that come after lunch. >.< I think I spend more time checking the clock and anxiously awaiting time to leave than I spend paying attention to the given topic. Hell, of the 6 groups we do a day, I think only 3 of them really even pertain to me since I haven't and wont ever attempt suicide. How annoying.

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