Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's snowing!

I never knew how much I loved the snow until I moved to Texas and had a "brown" winter. White is just so much prettier! There is nothing like waking up to a nice blanket of snow covering up rooftops and grass. Watching it fall peacefully to the ground as it continues to snow. I don't have a fireplace, but I think a few candles would give the same effect... to an extent lol.

I can see it now. Eyes rolling as you read this... at least from the haters of the snow... He or she who must shovel the fluffy white stuff should move to an apartment with underground parking! Much less of an inconvenience leaving it to be an enjoyable experience!

Heck, I can't wait for Emma to wake up and see the snow! I love the excitement in her eyes. I remember that feeling as a child, it's even better than how I feel about snow myself. It's that "Ohhhhh! Snow! Let's play in it!" feeling.

I love snow. ::sigh::

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