Monday, November 1, 2010

Blah! Anxiety sucks!

I am trying so hard to get off of the Klonopin that I am on. The one med that has been effective in treating my anxiety off and on for years... but there is apparently no "safe" alternative. To top it off, I can't just stop taking the Klonopin as it apparently has some very wicked withdrawal side effects.

It's SO frustrating. However today at therapy they invited me to try a new program also through Mercy. It's called the partial program and it's significantly more intense than the therapy I am getting now, as well as allowing me the ability to see a Psychiatrist daily rather than waiting months to get in to one. I am hoping that would help with med changes as I've had to depend on only myself so far with tapering off the other meds.

I effing hate anxiety, agoraphobia and depression. They suck. :(

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