Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Ultimate in Protection!

Cub now offers "cart protectors" or as they should be known... cart condoms. Okay, I was cool with the wipes and all... but who has to take off all the "used" condoms before putting the carts back into circulation? They don't have trash cans available at the cart corrals to remove your own...

Not to mention, you have to grab the cart and get it to the condom dispenser before even having the ability to put it on. Sure, you could grab one ahead of time, but they're like sticky cling wrap... I shouldn't need to say more on that.

Of course we had to snap a pic, so without further ado, I give you...

The Cart Condom!
I'm thinking the wipes were a better thing... or offer bacti-foam or some crap... if nothing else do it in addition to these.

I "protected" myself from my cart... will you do the same or risk it all? :p

1 comment:

  1. thats funny!! Cart condoms..... what r they gonna come up with next?!