Monday, October 25, 2010

Ah, back to therapy.

I knew I missed it, but not how much. I also didn't know how much I'd be missed.

Although finishing my intake today it seems that I will continue to attend therapy until the "partial" program opens, and that next week we will complete my intake for it. While yes, therapy is helping, it just isn't quite enough. My anxiety is still a monster to be reckoned with and while it's a tiny bit more tolerable, it's not where I need it to be.

I am still crocheting and it's still getting me through tougher times, I'm even mixing it up a bit, teaching myself new stitches as I go. The scarf I am currently working on is 5 rows of double (the first stitch I ever learned) and one row of singles, rinse and repeat. With much luck I'll be donating some really great scarves to the needy in no time. Not that I am not needy myself, but do unto others.

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