Friday, October 29, 2010

My shopping adventures with mom!

I haven't been shopping with my mom in FOREVER!!! I think it's because I tend to ask sweetly for things and she has a hard time saying no. But HELLO, that's what daughters do! lol

Anyhow, I want to start off with the important part of the trip. I got to hit Joann's and picked up the yarn with the donation money! I can't believe how much yarn $25 buys. Almost 9 skeins actually only like .40 shy of 9. Anyhow, I was able to get 8 and that leaves me with 2.36 left over towards buying more. I did purchase some hand lotion because crocheting seems to dry my hands out fast, but that $1 comes out of my own pocket. :) Okay, so here are the pics thus far...

The 8 skeins on top are the new ones.

And the receipt as promised. 

Aside from getting the yarn so I can start the new scarves we also picked up some much needed school clothes for Emma as well as a coat and new shoes for me. I love getting new things! Especially pretty new things! Speaking of new things, I think I'm going to have to get a larger crocheting basket! lol

Between watching Emma proudly march in her first parade, therapy and shopping... today was a wonderful day.

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