Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October!

I loooooove October, there is something so magical about this month. The changing temps, the changes in the trees, the through of little trick or treaters just around the corner. I love it! There are also a few special birthdays this month, today however happens to be my mothers. Happy birthday mom! She's one of the best Libras I know. hehe

In other news, I started a new therapy for my anxiety. Something has to give, something has to work, I am hoping this along with all the other things I am doing and trying are going to make life livable once more. Granted, the stresses I have only lend to the anxiety and they tend to be above average stresses... I'll have to learn to deal with them without panic anyhow and be that much stronger for it. I just hope I can make it through this phase in life without too many more bumps and bruises. I am of course stressed about rent, I am $250 shy because some people don't think paying child support is important. I knew better than to count on them but my county worker assured me that the payments were picking up and I could afford this place.

Thanks for that lady. Blah! Once again I rant. I'm sorry. :( I hope everyone else is having a fantastic October first, especially considering it's a Friday!

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