Monday, October 18, 2010

Okay, I think I have an awesome idea.

Today, being back in therapy since being in the hospital, it was great. I am now picking up a Tuesday meditation and yoga group in addition to my M, W and F groups. That means 11 hours of therapy a week, not including seeing my therapist, I hope this stuff finally helps.

Nobody can claim I'm not going at this from all the angles I possible can. I even left Stephen home this morning, dropped Emma off and school and then went to AMHOP. That had a very empowering feeling to it and had the gas light not been on or had I had money for gas... oh the things I maybe could have done. lol

Anyone around the area up to daily walks? I'm not quite ready for jogging or running, but I am definitely ready to walk. Start small at first and work my way up. I'd like to do it outside while it's nice, but then maybe a mall or something for the winter. I think getting myself in better shape physically, while working on the mental portions might be just what I need to really make this all successful.

Oh also! I was thinking today and part of the way I get myself through anxious situations is to crochet... well, all I have really made is scarves so far, but they're quick and easy, giving me an easy sense of accomplishment. (Always a good thing.) Anyhow, they're therapeutic for me to make and as I am currently making use of the food-shelf in Anoka, I though that I could donate scarves for other people in need, so I feel like I am giving something back. 

My only real issue is affording more yarn for these scarves. I can buy a good size skien of yarn for under $3 and make no less than 2 scarves, maybe 3 depending on width and which crochet needle I use. At any rate, if anyone wants to buy yarn and donate it for not one but two good causes, or donate money for yarn (I'd gladly purchase the yarn and show the receipts for it.) you could help 2 people at one time and for fairly little money. I know in this economy nothing is really inexpensive, but if you have that little bit to give, you can help. By the way I am in no way using this for my own profit or gain (aside from the therapeutics that come along with making the scarves.) and I am willing to show that with any documentation possible. 

Do any of my readers know about how to set up a "donation" type link or anything along those lines? Or heck, even set up a Non-profit organization. Either way, this is something I'd like to do to help myself and others, so if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. 
The indented portion is the important part.



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