Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bigger blessing in the smallest places

Financially, I had to catch at least a tiny break somewhere... I found the where!

The washers in my new apartment complex are twice the size of the ones at the old complex and cost .25 less a load! AWESOME! So I can do a load of laundry roughly twice the size I could in Cutters... for .25 less. Here is where it might get even better... The dryers are also larger and cost .50 less per load! Assuming they dry well, like the venty thingies aren't all clogged up or something... laundry is so much less expensive here!

Granted, the washers are probably older than I am, but they seem to work fine and I am guessing they must or someone would have complained by now, right?

Okay... so the math on this is like what... .75 less per load, but 1 load here is equal to two loads in the old place which to wash and dry was $3.00 per load... So I am saving $3.75 per load of laundry. HOLY CRAP! Woohoo!

My blah day just got a little brighter, if that keeps happening it might turn into a good day... what to do? By the way, we haven't been wearing stinky clothes all this time, my mom was kind enough to take loads and do them here and there as we needed. Thanks mom!

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