Saturday, May 14, 2011

Annnd we're back!

If you follow my little one's blog, you already know I've been in the hospital 20 freaking days. It's a bit crazy, but we're surviving. 

Thankfully I found and bought the new Charlaine Harris book for my new tablet, (thank you mom!) bought almost 10 weeks ago when I started my adventures in bedrest... Bedrest by the way is boo-hockey, it's by far the one of the biggest challenges I've ever had in pregnancy, especially to the level I've had this time around. I of course will do anything to keep my little one safe. Just two more days and I've met my goal of making it to 32 weeks.

Emma is here with us for the night and she will be enjoying an ice cream cone in moments after our yummy KFC dinner (thanks again mom, I am so sick of hospital food and Mc Donald's)

Anyhow. It has been a while, I thought a quick update might be cool. <3

Much loves!