Thursday, August 5, 2010

I know I've posted this before...

But omg I cannot seem to sleep lately.

Let's see... stress, maybe that has something to do with it... what is there?

  • 25 days left to pack all of our stuff up.
  • 25 days left to find, plant and harvest a money tree.
  • 25 days left to find a place to live with money from said tree, because I can't get shit with $200.00/month.
  • 25 days left to figure out which direction I can handle my life taking.
  • Find a place to put the boxes I've managed to pack.
  • Get the kids ready to start the next school year, supplies and clothes.
  • Wait to hear from the court on the child support modification Ray wants.
  • My ex-husband is acting like a whiny bitch. (sometimes I can't fault him for it, but stress none the less.)
  • Anxiety.
  • How and what to get Emma for her 6th birthday, on top of all the other money worries I have.
Shit, there is so much more I could list, but I wont. I don't even want to. I can't. It's too depressing. I never envisioned myself at this point. I can't believe how much stress there is just trying to keep myself and the kids from being homeless. UHG! 


  1. Hey this is Beth I am really sorry you are going through this shit. espically with kids. I live across the way if you wanna talk or go for a walk send me a msg on fb and ill send you my number. if you want....take care.
    here is my blog.. not much just starting out.

  2. Beth, I paid a visit to your blog and pretty much replied on your latest post. I think getting together would be a good idea. Maybe you can chat with me while I pack, make it feel like less of a chore. lol

    My cell number is up on facebook, you can text or call any time. Either way I really would like to get together.