Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A comment re-post

As per Phenson's request, I am re-posting this so that my ex in-laws don't miss it. I think that is why I am re-posting. Either way, it's well worth doing.

Phenson said...

I support this post 100%, and to my ex-family (I consider myself an orphan) revel in the end result of your selfish, petty, and stubborn behaviors that pushed her where you always wanted her, away from me. Many times, completely distraught, crying, panicked, I pleaded and begged you not to exclude my wife the way you did. But you did not care, you couldn't stand that I ran away from you and was so happy with her. 
You crushed my whole world, you destroyed everything I ever truly loved, you killed the only thing I was sure of, the one thing I searched for so long to find. You didn't care how in love we were, how much we adored each other, how incredibly uncommon our bond was, she wasn't what you wanted for me, and you made it WELL known every single time we needed any kind of help and had to lean on you. You acted like borrowing money to us gave you the right to belittle, pass judgement, and be flat out cruel to my wife. Job well done, you got what you wanted, she's gone. But so am I, because before things snowballed with the divorce, YOU ignored the simplest of requests, you didn't like her and couldn't be bothered with making her feel welcome, you couldn't even go grocery shopping with her, you were always too busy. But you had plenty of time to gossip and talk shit about her behind her back, while lying to her face. You were too old, too lazy, too controlling, too busy, selfish, petty, hypocritical, stubborn, malicious, and jealous little bitches, and pissed on the one thing that made me truly happy to be alive. It has been 2 years, and NO, it has not gotten easier, I am in constant agony over losing her, agony over what my family put her through, agony over the things I let you beat into me and how I let you manipulate me into doing your will through my divorce, because that will never go away, I can never repair that damage, and it fucking hurts every moment of every day, watching her rebuild hers and the kids lives through the extra hardships we have caused for her and them. 
My broken heart, shattered dreams, and complete hopelessness comes from YOU, not her, and if it weren't for her, I'd have killed myself to escape this nightmare a long time ago, but it is her compassion that has intervened. I owe her my life, and I'll spend the rest of my life loving, caring, and helping her no matter where she is in life, because she deserves nothing less.

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