Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today is a very hard day

Why this day sucks so far:
  • So far I started the day off with more packing and cleaning. I have packed boxes everywhere... and no place to bring them. I am also running low on boxes, I think I'll try hitting stores for them this evening.
  • I have spent down time doing internet searches and making phone calls. There is just so little help out there. I have yet to fine a resource that isn't tapped out or pointing me back to another resource that I have already called.
  • There are two homeless shelters in Minneapolis... that might take us, if they have room. Although for the one shelter I have to have at least two of the kids with me, rather than with friends or family. Do I really want to drag them into a homeless shelter? I can't believe this is happening.
  • Just tried calling CEAP... left a message with my name and number... no human interaction at all.
  • Anoka County Salvation army... nothing aside from suggesting shelters in Minneapolis again.
  • My current Apartment called to set up the "Move out inspection" instant tears - referred them to my roommate.
  • Called my county worker who helps with M.A. no answer, left yet another message. 
Out of all the calls I have made today, I have spoken to one human who simply gave me referrals to homeless shelters. I haven't been able to reach or speak with anyone else and from the way things are looking, even getting financial help isn't looking very promising. Hell, I am not even sure I can get a place in the shelters. It is so hard to breathe right now.

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  1. :( I am so sorry. I cant believe there isnt more help out there for you! I will be home tomorrow if you have nothing going on give me a call.
    We are going to my mom and dad's tonight.