Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pregnancy and Anxiety... oh my!

I am so determined to get beyond the anxiety and have a healthy happy, stress free (wishful thinking I'm sure) pregnancy. I am attending therapy, I am crocheting like it is going out of style, I am doing the Qigong I have learned in therapy and also the acupressure tapping techniques I've learned... but I still feel something is lacking.

I really, really, really want a prenatal yoga DVD. After reading all the reviews the one I have linked here seems to be the best. So, if anyone is feeling generous >.< I would gladly receive and use this. It feels SO tacky to ask... however I believe the sooner I start it the better, fitness and anxiety wise.  

For that matter, beyond the yoga DVD, I am open to other suggestions to help with my anxiety while pregnant as the one medication that helps with anxiety is class D, which means it very well may harm the baby. I am stuck with using Benedryl when I panic now. Ish, that stuff knocks me out.

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