Monday, November 8, 2010

Emma is doing so great in school!

We just got her first spelling test back, she got a perfect 16/16. I don't remember doing spelling tests in first grade... wow... but this girl nailed it! I am so very proud of her. 16 spelling words in first grade... in one week... it seems so crazy to me but she's doing it and kicking butt at it. In all honesty, she's so awesome with math I thought reading and spelling were going to be an issue, but she's just blowing us all away, including her teacher.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of her? Her oldest two siblings could take a page out of her book, or maybe she took a page out of Blake's book... who knows. I am just, in awe. I hope she stays this great with school, she seems to not only excel but also enjoy it too.

Did I mention she's at the head of her class for number of "Tryin' Lion" awards as well? Amazing.

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