Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is ridiculous!

This is just, amazing. He signed a payment arrangement in July of this year, agreeing to pay current support and catch up on the $5000 he had in arrears already. You can see where we are on that..

The following enforcement remedies are in use:

  • Passport Denial   (Active )

  • Project Intercept   (Active )

  • Revenue Recapture   (Active )

  • Student Grant Hold   (Active )

  • Credit Bureau Reporting   (Active )

  • Driver's License Suspension   (The obligor signed a payment plan )

  • The total amount the obligor owes this month is $460.00.

  • The current support obligation may be different from the court ordered amount because of medical support offset.

  • Monthly Charges
    TypeAmount DueBalance Due
    Current support 460.00460.00
    The total amount the obligor owes on this case is $5,977.19.
    Outstanding Balances
    TypeBalance Due
    Current support 460.00
    NPA arrears 5,483.07
    PA arrears 34.12

    The case is in the enforcement process. The child support agency is enforcing the court order for support. The agency uses a variety of tools to enforce support orders.
    November 3, 2010
    From now on, this case will be periodically reviewed for Driver's License Suspension. The child support agency will review the case regularly to see if the obligor's driver's license should be suspended. If the case meets the standards for Driver's License Suspension in the future, the child support agency will send a Notice of Intent to Suspend Driver's License to the obligor at the obligor's last known address.

    October 18, 2010
    The child support agency sent a new or updated notice of income withholding to the obligor's payor of funds. The notice tells the payor of funds to start taking the support that the obligor owes out of the obligor's pay, or to change the amount of support that they have been taking from the obligor's pay, and to send the support to the Minnesota Child Support Payment Center.

    October 18, 2010
    The child support agency added a new income withholding record or changed an existing income withholdingincome withholding notice to the obligor's current or new payor of funds.
    Year to date payment history:

    Current Support
    NPA Arrears
    08/02/2010127.39127.39Current Support
    08/02/2010254.73254.73Current Support
    07/21/2010121.93121.93Current Support
    Current Support
    NPA Arrears
    06/16/201037.5037.50Current Support
    06/10/201068.7568.75Current Support
    06/04/2010127.39127.39Current Support
    06/01/201090.6290.62Current Support
    05/21/2010254.73254.73Current Support
    05/20/2010127.39127.39Current Support

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    1. Michele,

      This sucks I know how much it sucks I have been dealing with it for 9 years. The county is just following "procedure" which in reality is what they will ever do. My sperm donor which I have told you before is over $15,000.00 behind. These fuckers know how to play the system and thats what they will continue to do. sure they will get a threatening letter from the county make a little payment to get them by then it starts all over again. Its always the same story. Its a bunch of BS. Sure the have the payment withholding out now and that will work for a while until he decideds to quit that job then it starts all over again. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! I know how you feel.