Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emma hasn't been feeling well

So last night we swung into the Minute Clinic... no go. Urgent Care hasn't been open since then either and no "sick" appointments open at the clinic of course... So, we drug her into the E.R. or E.D. as they now call it, but I can't help but think of other things with those initials. >.< I blame commercials.

At any rate, my little doctor phobic sweet-pea did wonderfully.

Still in her street clothes.

My booty has to hang out why? So silly.
 The listened to her lungs, looked in her ears, nose and throat, poked and prodded her and even swabbed her throat, all without one word of protest from my 57 (omg!) lb sweet-pea. I can't believe she weighs 57 lbs, that's like... over 10 times what she weighed when she was born.

At any rate, the rapid strep came back good and she was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection and Sinus Congestion. He is wondering if she doesn't need her adenoids out, so he had us set up appointments with our Family Practice Doc to get a referral to an ENT... okay. lol

Emma did so wonderfully she got a special little bear from the E.D. nurse as we left, 3 stickers and lots of praise. She of course wants me to take pics so I'll probably edit this post later. Can't take the pics now, Bear is sleeping in her bed, all tucked in and sleepy from his E.D. visit, we wouldn't want to disturb his sleep for something silly like pictures.

All in all, Emma has a day off school, we have at least 2 appointments to make and a possible surgery coming up. Fun fun. Let's hope she keeps this great attitude/behavior towards the Docs.

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