Wednesday, September 15, 2010

They knocked it down!

Okay, for those of us in Minnesota's Northern metro area... I was shocked to come across this today.

The old Target building off Coon Rapids Blvd. near Arby's and that little strip mall that held the best cake shop ever created ...

I miss their frosting SO much!!!
Okay, so anyhow, nextish to this there was a Target for the longest time, probably one of the first in the Northern Metro... Granted it closed down some years ago and had been a few things since... it's gone! All gone! And the parking lot is even gone! Here are a few pics I got, but with the sun/clouds/rain and the fact that it was just my phone camera none of them are great.

Just thought I'd share. Oh and yes, I am still homeless.

This was once Target and it's parking lot

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