Thursday, September 9, 2010

ARG!!! Why? If it's not one thing it's another.

So I have been patiently waiting to hear about the application on the new apartment... so today I finally went up to the office and found out that they haven't even begun processing the application yet. They are waiting to hear from Cutter's Grove on their portion of my rental history... WTF! They have had that information for a full week. ARG!

So.. I called Cutter's Grove, they tell me they have tried time and time again to fax the info off as well as making phone calls to see why the fax hasn't worked. The rental office at the new place insists they have received no faxes or phone calls from Cutter's Grove. I offer to be the go between, but of course I might alter the info, so that is a no go. The places aren't even 5 freaking miles apart! WTF for real!

Beyond that... I find out that it will take at LEAST 48 fucking hours to run the background check to make sure that I am not a bad, bad girl. So... I have put all my money into staying off the street while hoping to get into this apartment... the other part into getting the apartment... I am BROKE! I can't afford to stay anywhere else at this point if I want any hope of getting an apartment and it seems that it's all because of a lack of communication, work ethic or dedication with Cutter's Grove, the new place or both. ASSHOLES!

I'm sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest. My gods.

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