Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cheyenne's lesson in grammar with mommy.

I am constantly correcting the kids when they use improper grammar, punctuation and spelling. I am by no means perfect and I am still learning, so don't think that I feel I am perfect. Still, I am able to teach them some things. Today, I have a great example.

cheyenne shrock says (5:36 PM)
mommy i finnalyyy exceoted i have a beautiful smile..  
Michele Anderson says (5:37 PM)
cheyenne shrock says (5:37 PM)
i just excepted i have a beautiful smile   lol
cheyenne shrock says (5:38 PM)
i used to hate it
Michele Anderson says (5:38 PM)
cheyenne shrock says (5:38 PM)
well fine accepted
lol that dont look right
Michele Anderson says (5:39 PM)
it is right, I promise
to execpt means to make an exception... well, I like you, except for the fact that you're a small brown turd
Michele Anderson says (5:40 PM)
to accept means to be accepting of something. I finally accept that I have a beautiful smile.
cheyenne shrock says (5:40 PM)
hahah i am not a turd
Michele Anderson says (5:40 PM)
noo I didn't mean you, I was giving you an example so you could use the words properly.

You'll notice that despite the informal use of caps and such in an IM and some other improper word usage, I chose to only make the one example for now.

What a loving mommy!

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