Thursday, February 3, 2011

It never fails, I love my stalkers.

Put info out there one post here, one post there and BOOM you can prove you're being stalked when they finally explode and post the given misinformation. There is a reason you're not blocked from where I post stalker. There is a reason that I have trackers on all my sites. It's not to gather personal information, as it doesn't, it simply records where people visit my site from, even when using a proxy. It's to prove that even when we have NO interaction what so ever... you're always watching me.

Notice how my facebook links to ALL the places I belong? That isn't coincidence. I'll repost the long list here if you'd like. Stalk all you want. I'll keep putting it out there for you to feed on, I know you need the drama. The hours you spend on your bum watching TV don't seem to quite do it for you. Ironic that you love Big Brother so much. It's like legal stalking.

What is really sad, is rather than simply addressing your father's poor condition. You completely flip out and lose it even wishing my 6 year old would burn in hell, along with Stephen and I of course.

You're such a good person. :) You are certainly your mother's daughter.

Regardless, I still wish your father well.

Love and kisses,


P.S. Accusing Stephen of shooting at y'all at the retreat. I am still laughing from that one. <3

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