Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pig headed people.

And that title is being kind.

Anyone who knows me or Stephen, knows what his family has done to us, to him, to me, to our now 6 year old daughter. It's amazing what jealous women can do when they set their minds to it.

At this point, Stephen's father is in the hospital. He isn't doing well. How does Stephen find out? A facebook message from his mom that says that he's been in the hospital and not doing well for quite some time now. He hasn't wanted Stephen to know until now. Stephen replied that he hopes for a speedy recovery for his dad and that's about it.

Now Stephen's mom is harassing Steve's friend Daniel about the situation over text. Asking questions about Steve and so on.

Now, here is the pathetic part.

They have stalked me all over the web since Steve and I first met. They know how to reach me and they know I can always reach Steve. IF and I sincerely mean IF they really wanted to reach Stephen, they know they could do it through me. Alas, they don't.

Diane (Stephen's mom, you can find what little she represents of herself at is the pathetic headliner in what appears to be a game that they're playing on Stephen's feelings. According to her Andy wont see the younger two kids, because he's embarrassed. And Megan, the oldest child (No mention of Michael Andy's real oldest) is too busy taking care of the retreat to go see Andy.

What I find fantastic about all of this is.. if she is so busy, why is she sitting on her ass, watching TV and tweeting about it. Either Andy isn't in as bad of shape as they're making him out to be, or Megan just cannot be bothered.!/moodienews


Mtv's Made: "A young man wants to become a superstar diva to prove his worth to his mother." Yeah, that should do it.

Stupid rolling blackouts! You couldn't have waited 15 minutes until All My Children was over? Asshats

Nothing about her dad. Just bitching about TV. Pathetic.

My challenge to any of you (Anderson's), is to make an HONEST effort. You know to get to Steve it's easiest to go through me. You know he listens to and takes my advice. I am the only reason he bothered replying to Diane's FB message rather than deleting it before even opening it. Stop being pig headed. Stop waiting until things are as bad as you represent them to be and for crying out loud, stop ignoring your 6 year old granddaughter, niece.... family.

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