Thursday, February 3, 2011

For crying out loud.

Megan... If reading and comprehension are my issues, yours must surely be counting and writing. Yikes.


On Thursday 3rd February 2011,  said:
I don't TWEET about my father having a fucking STROKE and I'M the bitch? Are you god damn serious?! There! I fucking TWEETED deeply personal business! I must REALLY care about him! All 3 of you can burn in hell. GET YOUR OWN DAMN LIVES and STAY OUT OF MINE. And Michele, I realize that having 5 kids by 5 different men raised by everyone but you leaves you with a lot of time on your hands, but find a new fucking hobby. JIM, Michele has tried to pass off your baby as Stephen's. And Stephen, Michele says you physically abuse her while she's pregnant and she has been advised to tell the police, but she won't because you won't let her. There! Now it's all on twitter because I fucking care!    
 If I'm not mistaken, which I am most definitely not, you directed messaged this to 4 people... yet your comment says that 3 people can burn in hell.

On Thursday 3rd February 2011,  said:
FYI: Because reading AND comprehending is apparently too much to ask, I'd like to clarify that the people who can go to hell were the ones I actually named and tagged in my last tweet. And last I checked, none of those people are 6 years old.

And Jim, this pic is just for you.

To avoid any further confusion: That's your baby momma trying to contact her EX mother-in-law through her ex mother-in-law's personal blog to tell her that the baby she is carrying is her grandchild. Whether it is or not doesn't actually matter. Just thought the various baby daddies would like to know!

I tweet, therefore I fucking care.


Yep, you said it was directed at the ones you named... however again you directed it to 4 people... not the 3 you mention previously.


On Friday 4th February 2011,  said:
Did I forget to mention Michele had to create a new blogger account just to post that? That's because we blocked her the last time she tried to harass us through our personal blogs. But we're stalking her, right?

I tweet because I care, people!


You need to seriously check your facts on this one. I commented (And I do not deny the comment for even a moment.) from my own blogger account. The very same that I am using now. Click the link from the blog and by all means, view my profile. It's one and the same. ;)

The funny thing about all of this is, despite your claims and slander, I have yet to get anywhere as vulgar and spiteful as you. I haven't made any accusations about you or your parenting ability. I haven't brought your children into this period. I simply pointed out that while the claim was that you were SO busy with the retreat that you couldn't see your father... you were really just sitting on your butt watching TV and tweeting about it. Especially since this claim was made to make Stephen feel guilty about not being there. It wasn't even directed at you, it was pointing out something that was wrong with claims your mother was making.

I still with your father all the best and I just miss you to pieces you sweet thing. Kisses!



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