Friday, February 4, 2011

Common sense.

You're trying to hurt me, but you're not. You're hurting everyone else. Even the innocent.

Rather than turning your tendencies towards me and accusing me of the very things you proved beyond a doubt you do, you should look inside.

Your "family" is different from any I have ever seen before. I have never seen a family so inside itself, so judgmental of those outside it, all of those outside it. I don't know if you view this is a strength, but it isn't. Sometimes, it's worth it to let someone in. The money they make or their past life experiences shouldn't matter one bit. What should matter is that they care and that they do and want to do what is right in life. Although, I guess that would be hard to recognize when those goals aren't your own.

I am sincerely sad for the Anderson "family" especially Andy, because I can see deep down, he would rather do the right thing than the malicious stinging things you all seem to choose to do.

I still have refrained from personal attack. I haven't taken the verbal diarrhea you've had and flung it back on you. Do you know why? Because I don't believe it's right.

My post, my only posts about any of this between your family and Stephen was made here. You turned it into war because you were mentioned. The one post, then became posts. Those posts were made here after he came to me with the issue. Had he not, I would likely still not know. I came here protective of him, Stephen, your brother, your son, your blood. Not against me, but from his own family. In turn you spit your venom at me and I was okay with that. But you can't just keep it on me, you have to hurt as many people as you can.

Stalk away, I clearly cannot stop you and I must be absolutely fascinating since you seem to seek me out all over the internet. But back off of those I care about. Leave the innocent children out of it. Leave the by-standers alone. If you have a problem and it lies with me, then so be it. But deal with me. If you have problems with others, I don't need to hear them, so stop directing them towards me.

The plain and simple truth of the matter is I can't change you. I can't change any of you. You have a niece and a granddaughter in MN who still loves you all dearly and cannot fathom why you want nothing to do with her. Yet you pushed her aside as if she were no more than a dust bunny to be swept off. It's really, very sad. But apparently you don't see it or care.

I am done with all of this. I am done defending other people to you. If you have a qualm with me, then by all means, bring it to me and let us deal with it. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Wishing others to burn in hell, will only bring you hell itself, no matter what your belief. Since you claim to be Christian, judge not, lest the be judged yourself.  That might be something to try to practice before it's too late. Life is precious and can be gone in a flash. Don't waste it with hate.

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