Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emma's big news

Not that she's pleased with it. She has to have both her adenoids and tonsils removed. The ENT was shocked that all these times we brought her in sick, nobody noticed the size of her tonsils. It even stops her breathing at night. So it took the ENT no time at all to say surgery, before I could ask him to let Emma leave the room first. She didn't want to hear it from a doctor, she wanted to hear it from me. I stopped him in his tracks as fast as I could and Steve brought her to the waiting room to play while Grandma and I talked with the doctor.

He of course felt the need to review all the things that *could* go wrong in surgery. I generally ask not to know these and sign the paper with my eyes closed and ear plugged. But, for my Bill, I listened.

At this point it sounds like I have about a week to wait for a phone call from the scheduler, set the appointment and then get her in for a pre-op exam. (Yikes, blood draw.) I think we'll bring Becca for that.

Anyhow, I'll post as soon as I know when we're going to have the surgery. I know that she can do this, we'll just take it as easy as possible.

We did tell her that she's going to get allllll of the ice cream and popsicles she can handle and then some. That cheered her up a bit. Oh and she gets a week off of school and 2 weeks with no outdoor recess (that part sucks.) But, we'll do what we can to keep that enjoyable for her.

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