Saturday, July 31, 2010

My ex in-laws

Are hypocritical, judgmental, and crooked.

Spying on me on the internet... or trying to... as if I have a secret life. Then emailing my ex about it, as if he gives a rats ass about what the have to say (They have been dead to him for over a year.) or about what they told him.

They think they're so perfect, they're so self ritious it's pathetic... and they have NO sense of family what-so-ever. The wrote off their completely innocent, then 3 year old, granddaughter. They don't give a shit that she is about to have no home, and that they played a HUGE role in that. They don't care about her birthday, or Christmases missed with her. Nope, they're too high and mighty.

Tell you what, Karma... is a bitch and I hope it swallows them whole. I always said that after suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia, I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.... that is the least of what I feel they deserve in life.

Maybe I will just go ahead and pursue all the charges against them that I was going to let go. After all, they caused hell in my life, it seems fair that I cause some in theirs.

To the Anderson and the Ferreris "families" HAHA.... kiss my pretty white ass, no wait, you don't even deserve that privilege.

P.S. Megan... since your ugly ass had to get so much plastic surgery to look semi-decent... although jesus christ went a bit nuts with the big Jay Leno chin... are you going to do the same if your kids end up looking like the real you? What if they act like you? Is there a surgery for that?

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